Lobo benches are the registered property of Empire Creative Group and cannot be copied or reproduced in any format. Lobo bench – ‘bench that holds a plant pot and which then can be used as ice bucket’ is patent pending. Lobo benches are NOT a floatation device and should NOT under any circumstances be used as such. Lobo benches can be filled with water for stability but must NOT be filled more than half way within the internal water cavity. If filled with water it is the responsibility of the owner or user of the Lobo bench to check all weight tolerances of structures holding the bench. Lobo benches must NOT be used as a step in any way. Lobo benches must NOT be placed next to balcony edges, balustrades or steps. Children must NOT be allowed to step or climb on Lobo benches. Lobo benches recommends drinking responsibly. Lobo benches and the designers, producers, owners and manufacturers will not be held liable in any form due to misuse of Lobo benches or failure to follow any of the fore mentioned criteria.